There are currently eight editions of A Little Off (with widely differing prices.)

Four versions are published and distributed by Amazon. (Feel free to review the book on Amazon if you are so inclined. If you do, be sure to drop us an email so we can thank you.)

The next four versions are published by Blurb. They are slightly smaller than the Amazon versions (5" x 8" compared to 5.5" x 8.5").

A Little Off
A Little Off
A Member Looks at AA Unconventionally
By Jim P.
Photo book
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Blurb Paperback
ISBN 9798987034255

(The Blurb Hardcover is probably the nicest edition).

Blurb Hardcover (with Dust Jacket)
ISBN 9798987034248

The next two versions are can be ordered from other booksellers using the ISBN numbers. (These links are examples).

Paperback for Distribution
ISBN 9798987034279

Blurb Hardcover for Distribution
ISBN 9798987034262

If you wish to download a free version* of A Little Off you can download it directly from the publisher using this link:

Allora Press

* The free version contains the full text of the book, but has not been professionally typeset, and does not have a book cover.